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The ERMAK brand was established in 1992.

ERMAK means “fun”, or “entertainment” in Uzbek. ERMAK products are not only delicious, but also good for your health.
ERMAK corporate logo is a sunflower, signifying vital force and energy. Each sunflower petal also symbolizes a drop of water, the symbol and the basis of life.

The ERMAK-branded factory processing, production and sales of sunflower seeds was launched in Uzbekistan for the first time in 1996. Since 2008, ERMAK has been the first and only manufacturer of factory-made qurt in Uzbekistan.

We have been working to widen the range of our products. Today, we produce ERMAK Sunflower Seeds, ERMAK Bio Qurt, ERMAK Dried Fruit, ERMAK Hardtacks and ERMAK Crackers under the single brand of ERMAK.

Since its foundation, the company’s motto has been: “Healthy, Delicious, Chemical Free.” Each and every ERMAK product meets these important criteria.

Our products