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About Company


The ERMAK brand was established in 1992.

This year (2017) our brand is 25 years old! Over the years, we have managed to make many changes in the direction of improving the high quality of products, as well as to introduce new types of products into production and thereby reach a new level.

ERMAK means “fun”, or “entertainment” in Uzbek. ERMAK products are not only delicious, but also good for your health.
ERMAK corporate logo is a sunflower, signifying vital force and energy. Each sunflower petal also symbolizes a drop of water, the symbol and the basis of life.

The ERMAK-branded factory processing, production and sales of sunflower seeds was launched in Uzbekistan for the first time in 1996. Since 2008, ERMAK has been the first and only manufacturer of factory-made qurt in Uzbekistan.

We have been working to widen the range of our products. Today, we produce ERMAK Sunflower Seeds, ERMAK Bio Qurt, ERMAK Dried Fruit, ERMAK Hardtacks and ERMAK Crackers under the single brand of ERMAK.

Since its foundation, the company’s motto has been: “Healthy, Delicious, Chemical Free.” Each and every ERMAK product meets these important criteria.


ERMAK is Healthy

ERMAK-branded products are good for your health. ERMAK Roasted Sunflower Seeds contain vitamins and minerals, and are a useful supplement to your daily ration.

ERMAK Bio Culture Qurt contains bifidus bacteria and lactobacilli that help normalize the digestive functions.

While producing ERMAK dried fruit products, we use the best varieties of fruits: subkhoni apricots and the largest grapes that grow on the foothills of Samarkand.

The high-quality vacuum packaging helps to preserve nutritional value of the products. ERMAK is the only brand that has own production facility for vacuum packaging.


ERMAK is Delicious

We take care of customer tastes. Understanding that everyone has their own preferences, we make experiments. Through trial-and-error approach, we successfully diversified the range of our products.

ERMAK Sunflower Seeds are available in two types: salted and without added salt. We produce two varities of qurt: traditional qurt and qurt with basil taste. The range of dried fruit products has been widened to include: pitted and non-pitted apricots, black and white raisins, plums, and walnuts.


ERMAK is Chemical Free

Compliance with hygiene and sanitary conditions and requirements of the National Standards is the primary rule of our operations. We carefully check our raw material suppliers. Special agencies of the sanitary-epidemiological inspection service lab test ERMAK Qurt every three months. ERMAK Sunflower Seeds are tested every six months. We regularly make sample purchases to check the quality our products sold on the markets.

We are justly proud of the fact that for twenty years we have never failed to maintain the quality of ERMAK products that we committed ourselves to provide.

Products high-quality is the result of employees efforts. Over 100 people work in the production lines of the ERMAK company. Because of large orders and a higher demand for our products, the production is carried out in three shifts, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A large-scale production, the state-of-the-art packaging equipment and high-quality products facilitate export increase and cooperation with foreign partners. ERMAK products are sold in the markets of Kazakhstan and the United States; we are negotiating exports to Russia and other countries.

We appreciate your trust in ERMAK products.

I am happy to learn of your interest in ERMAK products.

On this website, we’d like to share with you the values our company espouses and to describe the products we produce.
Food production is a complex and demanding process. Product assurance is the manufacturer’s responsibility.

We realize that the ERMAK Bio Qurt that we manufacture and package today will be consumed by children tomorrow. They could turn out to be my children or grandchildren. For this very reason, while producing our products, every employee of our company, including me, cares about our children and their health.

ERMAK Sunflower Seeds, Bio Qurt and Dried Fruit, — regardless of whether we need them for agricultural expositions or for own consumption — we take them from the same processing line. We are confident in our product’s benefits and quality, and take pride in the fact that for twenty years we have never failed to maintain the quality of products that we committed ourselves to provide.

You may learn about the principles that guide our work in “About Us”, and look through the range of our products in the “Products”.

Thank you for choosing ERMAK.

Enjoy our products and stay healthy.

Validjan Salikhov,
Company Director.