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Food production is a complex and responsible process. The guarantee of product quality lies on the conscience of the manufacturer. We understand that the ERMAK kurt produced and packaged today will be eaten by a child tomorrow. Perhaps it will be my son or grandson. That is why I and every employee of our company think about ourselves and our children when producing a product. We are confident in the usefulness and quality of our products and are justifiably proud that in twenty years of production, not a single case of non-compliance with the declared product quality has been identified.

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ERMAK – snacks for the whole family, because the taste and benefits have no age limits!

ERMIX is especially popular with children – a combination of several types of nuts that give energy for fun games.

ERMAK – charge yourself with benefits!

Friends, hurry up to enjoy these sunny days – in the park, in nature, in good company!

By the way, ERMAK snacks are an ideal company for relaxing. They are convenient to take with you and they are always in place.

ERMAK – take it with you!

ERMAK snack lovers do not need a special reason to go for a walk in the fresh air.

And the company will always be, for example, favorite seeds – they are always at hand.

ERMAK – snacks of your generation!

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