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About the company

About us

The ERMAK brand was founded in 1992

This year (2022) our brand is 30 years old! Over the past years, we have managed to make many changes in the direction of improving the high quality of products, as well as introduce new types of products into production and thereby reach a new level.

From the Uzbek language, the word ERMAK is translated as fun or entertainment. With ERMAK products, your vacation will be not only tasty, but also useful. 

The ERMAK logo is a sunflower representing vitality and energy. Each petal is at the same time a drop of water – a symbol and the basis of life.

History of the company

In 1996, under the ERMAK brand, for the first time in Uzbekistan, factory processing, production and sale of products from sunflower seeds were organized.

Since 2008, ERMAK has been the first and only factory-made kurt manufacturer in Uzbekistan.

We are constantly expanding our product line. Seeds, kurt, dried fruits and dried fruits are produced today under the single brand ERMAK.

From the day it was founded, the motto of the company was the slogan: “Healthy, tasty, clean.” Each product of the ERMAK trademark meets these main criteria.

Salikhov Valizhan Kuchkarovich, director of ERMAK company

“Food production is a complex and responsible process. The guarantee of product quality lies on the conscience of the manufacturer. We understand that the ERMAK kurt produced and packaged today will be eaten by a child tomorrow. Perhaps it will be my son or grandson. That is why I and every employee of our company think about ourselves and our children when producing a product. We are confident in the usefulness and quality of our products and are justifiably proud that in twenty years of production, not a single case of non-compliance with the declared product quality has been identified.

We thank you for choosing ERMAK products. We wish you bon appetit and excellent health to you and your children.”

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